Bottomline: Jowie’s only crime is that he fits in the profile of a killer, good with guns and working in the security sector as an armed bodyguard for hire by the political class.

Abandoned by friends,making headlines only when he appears in court or public spaces as media coverage fizzles out after his co-accused who happened to be his former lover was given a court bail before moving on with her life back to her baby daddy 16 months after they were accused of murdering Monica Nyawira Kimani.

Insisting he is innocent with the police hellbent in making him take the fall for something he didn’t do so as to cover the actual killers, Monica South Sudan business associates who are politically connected locally and abroad to the extent the mainstream media never talks about them as they will spoil the cordial relationship South Sudan-Kenya relationship.

September 19, 2020 will mark the second year since Monica was murdered,two years down the line yet only circumstantial evidence links Jowie directly save for eye witness testimonials that he was seen in Monica’s Lamuria gardens apartments which he frequented regularly when Monica was around. Something intimate had been going on between the two though Jowie won’t accept in public as it will ascertain Justice Wakiaga claim that indeed is a ‘woman eater’ suffocating any public sympathy of a victim not a perpetrator.

The DNA on the white straps used to tie Monica Kimani hands before her throat was slit were not Jowie’s a clear indication he wasn’t the murderer but he can’t be acquitted not yet this would show incompetence in the part of the investigators.

We all know how the criminal justice system in this country operates when the accused is a small fish. If Jowie is as guilty as we are made to believe, he would have been sentenced already.

With Jacque Maribe off the hook at a cost, she lost her job but won back her baby daddy Erick Omondi. Things seem to have worsened on Jowie having been transferred to Manyani prison more than 300 kilometres from Nairobi far from inquisitive public eyes accompanied with media glares. Even if he dies in Manyani it can be blamed on everything,climate change topping the list of possible causes of death.

Nobody seems to question Monica’s businesses or her associates from South Sudan. She was not your ordinary business woman in the lawless state. She was the victim,someone must be held responsible for her death and that someone is Jowie. For a woman who hadn’t clocked 30 years on earth yet she had immeasurable wealth some of us won’t accumulate in a lifetime.

Details on her businesses remain sketchy with sections of the media framing it as ‘family’ business. There are many Kenyans who have been doing business in South Sudan for close to ten years but they don’t have even half the wealth the 28 year old had accumulated.

Her killers are her business associates in South Sudan who knew Jowie was a regular at her place being the playboy of Kenyan celeb-sphere who fitted the profile of a killer. He was good with guns and worked in the security sector as an armed bodyguard for hire by the political class. This profile of a killer is what prosecutors are banking on, having turned a blind eye on her South Sudan associates who can

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu at Kenyatta National Hospital. ||File Photo||

no longer be traced as they are long gone.

The political and business elites of South Sudan are known to milk public coffers dry at the expense of malnourished citizenry investing in neighboring East African states through proxies with no meaningful development taking place in their country. The more the bullets ricochet the better for them as looting goes on unabated channeling proceeds to family members who live like kings in neighboring states with ‘refuge’ or political asylum status.

South Sudanese people are vengeful, short tempered,angered at the slightest provocation, they don’t give second chances neither to they have second thoughts or reverse gear. These are people who were bombarded for two decades by their Semitic rulers in the north without caving in till they achieved independence.

Jowie’s transfer to Manyani is psychological. He is to be kept in a Guantanamo bay like isolation until he breaks down pleading guilty to charges he didn’t commit just like that the story goes away. Nobody will visit in Manyani, even those who visit won’t do it regularly as they would have done if he was locked up in Kamiti or Naivasha maximum prisons. However, this won’t give Monica’s family closure they too know Jowie might be innocent.

Our criminal justice system is on auction,for sale to the highest bidder the South Sudanese wheeler dealers may have coughed up a huge amount to investigators not to even think about their connection.

Their work is to make Jowie’s life as difficult as possible until he takes responsibility for the murder. Jowie seems to have stood his ground thats why he won’t be freed on either bond or bail. We are talking about a criminal justice system that couldn’t convict the Akasha brothers of drug dealing something the US has done in less than 18 months. The Akasha’s had pocked everyone in that system from the prosecutors to judges, Jowie’s case is no different.


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