Residents who ply the Ndagani-Kaanwa road in Tharaka Nithi County, were today forced to use crude tools to repair the road which had been rendered impassable by the prevailing heavy rains pounding the region.

The residents, mostly drawn from motor vehicle and motorcycle owners, took action after their concerted efforts to request an audience with their elected leaders in the region hit a snug.

Residents with folk jembes and spades to repair the Ndagani Kaanwa road that has been rendered impassable by the prevailing heavy rains. Photo/Domenic Ntoogo

They accused their elected leaders of neglecting them during their moment of need despite the numerous promises during the campaigns.

“We have tried to reach our leaders so that they can help us repair this road, but our efforts have borne no fruits,” said one of the motorists, who had turned up for the voluntary exercise.

Their fury could not be hidden as the entire exercise was marked by protests culminating in the closure of the road for the better part of the day.

Most roads in Tharaka Nithi County have been damaged since the rains began with road users bearing the brunt.

Meanwhile, residents living near the rivers, swampy areas and areas that are prone to landslides have been asked to evacuate to avoid various disasters experienced in other counties as result of the heavy rains.

Speaking at his office Ruguta Assistant Chief Robert Micheni  in  Maara Sub County noted that there are areas  that are so risky to human settlement since there had been landslides during previous heavy rains.

Micheni also warned that those that have toilets and boreholes that are yet to be completed or those that are not used mostly to avoid them since the heavy rains have already softened the soil which can  lead to sudden collapse thus loss of human life.

“As you have all heard in the media the rain is affecting many people in our country, I’m requesting those homes that have toilets that’s are weak and some boreholes that are never used, to avoid those areas as much as possible, “said the Assistant Chief.

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