A storm is brewing up in Tharaka Nithi county government after the Deputy Governor (DG) Eng. Francis Kagwima abandoned his campaign pledge to support his boss for efficient service delivery to residents.

In a press conference held at his office in Kathwana today Eng. Kagwima made chilling allegations against the county Governor Muthomi Njuki, amounting to abuse of office from involvement in financial impropriety, corruption dealings to harassment of county employees.

The resentful DG accused the governor of turning the public funds to a Muthomi & Sons trust fund where accountability is not in their vocabulary. Warning that should the situation not be rectified, the county will be facing imminent collapse. He added that county employees had been denied the freedom of expression as they are living under threats of being sacked if they differ in opinion with the county chief and his cronies.

“All county employees are living under intimidation thus they cannot speak to anyone about anything because they fear being sent packing,” said the deputy governor.

His remarks come following the move by the governor to sack a senior county official via a phone call to the officials driver last week ordering him to return the vehicle to the county and never to take any orders from the officer since he was no longer his boss.

This remarks are likely to widen the rift within the County’s administration since the DG has threatened to rally the public to forcibly eject public service officers issuing termination letters to employees from their offices.

He added that from Monday, those who will be served with termination letters without his consent should treat them with contempt as he would not allow such arbitrary sackings where the victims are not given an audience.

However, responding to the claims over the phone, Governor Njuki accused his deputy of being the grand architect of a plot to blackmail him thus he urged him to forward the accusations to the investigatory authorities for further action as he had done nothing wrong thus he would be vindicated of any wrong doing.

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