Bottomline: I used to think HELB cash is a lot even contemplating buying my dream car with it only to spend it on phones,carpets,electric kettle and sub-woofers.

Hello dear freshman, I hope this finds you delirious (don’t worry about the meaning of delirious), with a tinge of fulfilling dreams,sparks of awesomeness iced with a glamorous heart. Receive my sincere greetings in the name of “Jah” for Rastafarians, I’d say I got my eyes on you, praise God for those in Godly mood. To my Muslim friends Salaam Aleikum! I come just in time to set your souls on fire, so let’s make a toast, sit back relax and look beautiful. That sounds superb right?

To stretch my credulity to the limit, about a month now you have a grasp thus can easily give appraisals on varsity life. Your discordant views are accepted, maybe there is a small tight knot between good life and torture, that aside let’s cling to our cliché party hard and study hard. By now you must be well oriented to the old folks, I heard the other day when you were strolling along the academic highway they stomped over you in reproach with names like ‘fresher” which is disorienting. Seemingly now you are used to your new name, after all what’s in a name?

Struggles will be there ranging from dressing, finances, making friends and the daring quest to find self. But look, have the grit! Fall in love, get laid, heartbreaks here and there, don’t give a damn, life goes on.

You just discovered alcohol alongside other ‘mihadarati’ legal or otherwise screwed to addiction, there is still room for change. How about the timid coursemates who miss nearly all lectures? Bruh, keep in mind you’re the best version of yourself thus you deserve greatness. I got your ears mmmh…our little lady luck must not droop her wings.

Beloved one, you can always appear all classy in cheap admirable second hand ‘mitumba’ clothing. The famous booming ‘mitumba’ market will be the reason your wardrobe changes week in week out.

Campus is a hell of bookwork, lucky you if you’re a bookworm,however if study gives you migraine, get yourself a group discussion for about twenty minutes a day, it makes a huge difference anyway.

Boom Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB) will come today.tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the loans is silent though. HELB is a token of appreciation from the government for your academic spendoris in high school though the government assumes its a loan we are to pay once we clear campus securing employment, like I told you the loan part is silent. Its a lot of money I used to think even contemplating buying my dream car with it only to spend it on phones,carpets,electric kettle and sub-woofers.

Unfortunately one of this days you will run broke, here is a little trick; make sure your smart phone is installed with loaning applications from Branch to Tala, just be cautious on timely payment to avoid being listed in the Credit Reference Bureau as a petty loan defaulter somehow.

Don’t be busy all day, leisure is free, tour the great kesses falls, kesses dam , the Ngeria forest, just to mention. Besides taking a walk in town to malls and bars you can always tag along your friends for pictures around your environment not forgetting the endless Infinix supported  photo-shoots.

Before I forget find the company that fits you just right, don’t be a victim of negative peer influence, but wait, if you happen to find Mr right or lady luck good for you, build a future.

Quite a chat huh, lets wind up,  interaction is key, so get to join religious,professional and fun clubs, discover and nurture your talents in various fields, let me say be the brightest star in the dark. Free advise; go the extra mile in your career development by making connections with your seniors. You’ve heard of work experience? Well it all starts here in campus. Freedom is now not tomorrow.

Do have a nice stay , and don’t forget to share the message with your friends if the message strikes you. Lastly I dare you to print this and put it by your bed side just so if your rope gets cut along the way you can always tie it. Of course I’ll hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Mercy Achieng’

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