There are a lot of choices available when considering what smartphone to buy in 2019. Phone manufacturing companies are coming up with handsets whose features are for all to fall for. They could use this to trick you into buying their overpriced gadgets. Whereas not all features are important for a normal phone user, here are the five key pillars to consider when buying a smartphone according to top tech American YouTuber Marques Brownlee famously known as MKBHD.

Build Quality
Phone companies have in the recent past built their smartphones using polycarbonate, metal, aluminium, glass and even carbon fibre. However, most smartphone users have gone an extra mile to have protective cases on their smartphones to prevent occasional wear and tear that is sometimes caused by unintentional knocks or falls. To enhance durability, the phone casing and glass used on screen is an important consideration to get maximum use out of a phone.

Battery life using the measure of performance and longevity while in use after a full charge is important. Although battery life depends on how one uses a phone, the specs in a phone such as resolution matter a lot. It is important to go for a phone with more than a 3,000mAh battery that can do a one full charge a day. Anything lower will require a bulky power bank translating to additional expenses.

Good phones are getting cheap and cheap phones are getting good. It is never a good time to experience a lag on a phone, especially if one is a heavy user. Recently, phones with 1GB of RAM have become slower and multitasking on apps will have one waiting longer switching in between. It would also be important to check the smartphone processors which could either be, the system chips made up of components such as CPU, GPU, LTE which affects uploads and download speeds. Considering such components could also prevent phones from overheating.

Having a great camera is important for people who love capturing moments. It is important to understand that more megapixels do not equal best quality photos and videos. To select a great camera you will have to consider software that carries two aspects; aperture, which determines how much light is let in, the sensor and pixel sizes which determines the quality of the picture.

A phone can be qualified to have an AMOLED, IPS LCD, Retina or Infinity display. Displays will determine your viewing in low light, the viewing angles, responsivity. Getting to know of the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) and DPI (Dots Per Inch). Phones with higher PPI means better clarity that translates to less strain while using the phone. The display size of a screen could also affect the PPI and that’s why phones with greater PPI have large display sizes.

Depending on your needs for a smartphone, these are some feature to consider when buying a smartphone and asking before buying is more important.

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