Members of The Kwale Pen People (KPP) visited patients at the Msambweni Hospital during Easter Monday. In a visit that saw hospitalized children receive goodies and words of encouragement from the Kwale-based writers.

Led by KPP community service committee chair lady Mwanamisi Kasirani, the crew offered milk and fruits to the children as they wished them quick recovery. The group also prayed together with the children alongside their parents and guardians. An initiative that left smiles on their faces with strong-minds on their way to full recovery.

The story of baby Naima,who has been in the hospital for four days in the care of her father touched the hearts of the KPP members after her mother allegedly abandoned them returning to her ancestral home in Kilifi. Naima’s father shared the bed alongside her watching over her was the most inspiriting moment of the hospital visit.

“I couldn’t help but empathize with the young patients and their parents. The despair and uncertainty of a possible waiver from the burden was written all over their faces. May the Almighty make it easy for them,” said Omar Abdallah, a member of KPP.

Most of the patients were hospitalized with malaria, others had little cases of accidents like snake biting and broken bones.

“It provided me with a moment to reflect on the different situations between myself and the sick, I have to be thankful and grateful to the Almighty,” said another KPP member, Rano after the visit.

The crew’s efforts were applauded by the nurses on duty who encouraged the group to continue with the good work by noting that patients feel better knowing other people care.

Later on, the crew embarked on tree planting at the Kwale Satellite Blood Transfusion Center block, an activity that marked the end of the hospital visit. Trees of different species were planted around the new facility.

The hospital management thanked the Kwale Pen People group for their kind gesture and urged them to make headway in transforming Kwale County through their literary works.

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