Today I Saw him, he did not change

I called him he did not answer

I signaled , he did not notice

I tried singing he was “deaf”

I touched him, he did not feel it

Now that was strange

Just because we were not together

He forgot the romantic “rains”

Not so long I was his dream girl

Beautiful, lovely, full of life

The apple of his eyes

The only drop of water in his desert

I believed him like a kid

Because he acted so sweet

But alas! These were poisons to my puny heart

Today I saw him, yes !he changed

Prince charming he can never be

But my eyes can’t get off him

The good old days still fresh in my mind

Tell me how to turn it off

Tell me how to kill this love

To throw the switch so it dies

I think am slowly losing mind

Today all he can give is a broken song

Today am not Lady like I hear him say

Today” bimbo”is my new name

God mistook you for a dog” he utters

I can no longer sleep a full night

I can no longer fight

I have loved the boy who left in the end.

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