The slow dance of flames and ice,
Entwining in red and blue
was me and you.
I the fire and you my ocean tide.
And Just like the billowing curtain of a matchstick,
blasted by the wind,
We were doomed from the beginning.

So I sought you in the waves of the oceans,
In the rhythm of the seas,
The hulking mass of the mountains,
The enveloping darkness of trees,
I held you in the strings of my beating heart.
Singing to the darkness of a well,
To my ocean tide.

My grey-as-a-rainy-night ocean tide.
My midnight-without-light ocean tide.
Pulled by the moon and calmed by the sun,
My beloved ocean tide.
Who consumes me then leaves me dry,
The wracking sobs of my chest,
The darting of my eyes without rest,
Is because of you
My ocean tide.

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