Bottomline: William Ruto is a self-made politician with no political background,he may not have any political godfathers but he was schooled by Moi and interned by Raila thus a hybrid of both career politicians.

The headline maybe as controversial as the man himself. The son of Sugoi Uasin Gishu county has maneuvered his way to the top of Kenyan politics against all odds. He has proven that a son of a nobody can wield political power as long as he or she has the will,guts and proper political scheming.

Being the organizing secretary to the now defunct youth for KANU popularly known YK92 that campaigned vigorously for retired president Daniel Arap Moi during the first multiparty elections in 1992 to being one of the most sort after politician in the country, second to only Raila Odinga who after the handshake or is it handcheque seems to be the barrier between him and his presidential quest come the year 2022.

Outshining all his comrades in the YK92 gang including; chairman Cyrus Jirongo who is now reportedly bankrupt and treasurer Sam Nyamweya who was kicked out of Football Kenya Federation for gross misconduct and rampant corruption allegations. The only surving member of Raila Odinga’s 2007 pentagon team (Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi, Balala and Nyaga) who has a viable voter constituency the rest are either dependent on Raila for political survival or a cronies to Uhuru for handouts and political favor some are even in political oblivion with no hope of ever making a political comeback.

Samoei Ruto is the De facto hustler of Kenyan politics. The former chicken seller or ostrich peddler as critics often alleged has his work cut out for the country’s top job. But what must he do?

For any success story, one must be willing to let go of those who are perceived to be working against him. Unlucky, for the man from Sugoi, a good number of those people are some of his groundsmen. Top of the list is Aden Duale. The majority leader talks first then thinks later. He is always quick to defend the ruling party in the process this doesn’t work for him. A good example is when he said he was going to take a sabbatical leave to deal with one Anne Waiguru however,before dust could settle down alongside a caravan of Jubilee sycophants were busy pitching tents campaigning for Anne Waigiru to outdo iron lady Martha Karua for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat.

Another man that the DP should think of dropping is non other than the senate majority leader, Kipchumba Murkomen. Not only does Kipchumba lack political capital to be considered amongst the key players in Rift valley politics but also lacks the support from most of his colleagues at the senate. He has fallen into the trap set by the troublesome trio of Alfred Keter-Joshua Kuttuny-Silas Tiren who have embarked on a serious onslaught towards the DP’s 2022 march to the house on the hill. Murkomen lacks the tact to contain such political fires thus complicating the DP’s situation even further when it comes to corruption allegations and tribulation of maize farmers. Dr. Ruto should seek superior wisdom from either Nandi senator Kiprotich Cherargei or his Bomet counterpart Dr. DR. Christopher Andrew Langat on how to contain the disquiet in the Rift. He should also rope in political orphans from the region the likes of Isaac Ruto and KANU secretary general Nick Salat.

The DP being a fast thinking man should continue doing what he did after the courts nullified his and President Uhuru’s win , capitalizing on the losers of the 2017 polls. Rich men tend to ask us to show them what money cannot buy. Politically, they are correct because in many instances it is the heavy brown envelope that has kept quiet most noisemakers, the likes of Ababu Namwamba who was a rising star when it came to the Western region politics, Hassan Omar, who before never shared the same table with Ruto, Okoth Obado and his Sharon scandal, Bonny Khalwale, Jakoyo Midiwo,Nicholas Gumbo the list is endless.

After Jubilee party vice chair David Murathe  public declaration that he will not be the party’s presidential candidate come 2022. David Murathe is not any ordinary ballot box politician, he is the leader of an elitist group of Mount Kenya wheeler dealers who decide the direction the region takes politically. His sentiments echo President Kenyatta declaration that his preferred presidential candidate choice will shook the country. Now that the writing is on the wall, mount Kenya region doesn’t owe him any favor, new alliances have to be made unless he is waiting for a whistle to confirm that. Assurances from test tube politicians from the region who always accompany him to functions assuring him that the mountain is solidly behind him is a fallacy and a wet dream.  The region has come out blatantly to accuse the DP’s handlers of resorting to blackmail in their bid to get 100% by returning the favor.

Here, Samoei Ruto should drop the likes of Moses kuria and Babayo. He should embrace the likes of former Gatanga legislator Peter Kenneth, former justice minister Martha Karua and former Kiambu governor William Kabogo. These three should be William Ruto’s agenda because they not only have the money but the political power to be the next power house of the people of the mountain. Kabogo was the first politician to call out Murathe after his sentiments concerning the DP and succession politics. However, should the mountain not yield to his woes as the discontent amongst the electorates mount then he will have no otherwise but to run to Baba, yes and very fast.

For any serious man looking to land the top job come 2022 making friends with the country’s second premier, the enigma of Kenyan politics , his earthquakeness the People’s president, Raila Odinga trying to assume he doesn’t exist as some of his handlers might want to bury their heads in the sand. Raila controls the largest voting block in the country, Western Kenya. Enjoying political support in Nairobiand the coastal back at his turf, but also in four other regions including Nairobi, The coast region,Turkana and Maasai Rift Valley. With the current political unfoldings handshake,war on graft, Mount Kenya impending betrayal and referendum calls this is the only viable option. Reaching a compromise with Baba, a man he supported with everything he had in 2007.In politics there are no permanent enemies and everything is possible.

Making friends in his home turf of Rift Valley should be also a key priority for him. He should think of bringing Buzeki and Mandago together. He should think of making friends with the current Moiben legislator Silas Tiren, Cherangany’s Joshua Kuttuny, Nandi Hills Alfred Keter and all  KANU affiliates. Bringing Isaac Ruto and Gideon Moi on board will also work as an added advantage.

If Dr.William Samoei Ruto will put the above in his to do list and forget about the other shenanigans like going against referendum push then the presidential race is for him to lose.

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