Bottomline: So has parenting failed? Or has the coming generation simply realized a different way to handle the enigma that is life?

The excitement that comes with clearing high school cannot be quantified through mere words. It is happiness that stems from the ingrained thought that after it, the universe will conspire to set a stage for you to be as successful as your primary English teacher insisted a student of hers should be. Not that it should matter anymore, but the tragic fall from that belief is what has plunged so many of our youth into depression and illegal acts just to get the lifestyle they think is expected of them.This long holiday has unleashed various dramatic twists for the Kenyan teen.

Cast the first stone
“It is all Facebook’s fault.” You will hear that gossiping aunt say as she labors over the steaming pot of food this festive season. As if Facebook is a living breathing entity that led her children and their cousins to a night club once they found each other at their rural home.If she is the daring type, she would out-rightly name and shame her sister-in-law’s child by naming them the devil’s incarnate. Simply because they come from the big city and the lord knows they are children from the City, ‘ni hawa watoto wa town’ that snatched the decency and good morals embedded in her children tossing them into a world of vice. The truth, however, remains that it is not a single matter (social media) that caused this discord in the first place, neither is it the influence of a single cousin, but a series of events that led their child to making that distasteful decision, and she is, whether she acknowledges it or not, directly responsible for it.

Sailor’s tongue
It was met with shocked murmurs and hypocritical head shakes when the Ambira Boys’ High school video went viral they were HIGH  on everything legal and illegal they recorded themselves abusing two cabinet secretaries Interior and Coordination Fred Matiang’i and Education Amina Mohammed after clearing their high school examinations. All manner of things were said and tweeted condemning their act of valor, the boys were critically analyzed and conclusions were drawn, the most outrages being: it was the teachers fault.What the boys don’t know is that the real life free of pocket money and other parental privileges was yet to begin. They are at fault, yes, but so are all other individuals directly and indirectly responsible for them, which is basically summed up as society.Although we should shun the horrible saying, “boys will be boys” which is used to excuse the abominable mannerism that men have grown accustomed to getting away with, we should not be too harsh in assessing what teenage boys-who might as well not know better-on the whims of one cold pseudo-freedom fueled night said.

Slow jazz as the world burns
The dreams of fancy cars, private jets and parties at exclusive cities in the world has shrouded the views of what teens feel a successful life should be, and in an attempt to let them ‘dream big’, we have allowed them to believe this is what they were meant to achieve. The perspective of humans differs as much as the sources of happiness do. Fulfillment in life and purpose should be as deeply preached to them as the thirst for riches and splendor. So has parenting failed? Or has the coming generation simply realized a different way to handle the enigma that is life?

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