Honey, make me that cappuccino,

The one I’ve been needing for so long

Drive me through the boulevard

I’m sure this time, it will uplift my inhabiting mood


Engage me in your zeal

Lemme know how it feels to be by your beats

Be the papa to my bambino

Make me feel righteous again with a song

Excite me with your heart band

And never shut me in with a doom

You know how much I have struggled to get out of the woods

And now your ambience is all I need to feel

Wrap me in and if you will, give more life to my teats


Transcending right through the winter

This love is not only meant for the summer

And when the spring flowers bloom,

There will be no room for gloom

Just like a cherry,

I’ll make you my merry

Just like a piece of treasured cutlery,

I’ll handle you with no hurry


Take me home my love

Trust me with that piece of You,

That piece that has always been under the cove

Guard me with your heartbeat

And protect me with your breath

Make me whole again

Fill that empty hole and I’ll proudly say I’m in love


It’s not only about the rivet and the glued effect

Not only the tatts and the apt nature that makes me tick

Neither is it only about the wits and the gifts

It’s not only the bravado and the charm that attracts me to you

It is more than the intense springs of emotions

More than the shine in your eyes and the charm in your voice

It is a magnitude of feelings and sparkles


An arousal that I can’t deny

A vibration that flows in my veins

An enchantment that makes me want to call you “my love.”

I know they are words that have been said before

But that doesn’t really matter

What matters are the colours they paint in my heart and soul


Bring back my sparkle

Then help me believe again in shooting stars

Maintain that feeling, the feeling I first felt when our eyes met

The perfect feeling from the piercing of Cupid’s spear

You fulfill my fantasies

And with you is where I wanna be


I want to find you in my heart always

So when I call, you hear

And when I touch, you feel

So when I cry, you bring back the calm

And when I love, it will always be you


Tomorrow is the beginning of a new thing

I’ll put on my little blue dress

Done it up with the lovely shoes you bought me

And spice it up with the elegance of my body


You got all the right to dive in

Do not hesitate to breath in the scent

Ride with me all the way

And let us make this experience great

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