Words so sweet who doesn’t like
I saw you yesternight, how you cant be mine I still can’t see
Guess that’s why they say love is blind.
Do we rhyme?
No, you from a world of loud thoughts
Am from one with no thoughts
I only got Lines
Fighting with words
Trying to make you mine.
I don’t mind
They say am mad
Crazy over you.
Your hips conceals nothing
How they sway leaves my mouth empty
Wondering, fantasising
When will you be mine.

They say we poets
Are mean with love
Full of words
Why invest where you won’t harvest
Come get below my vest
Dig up my vase
Uproot the flower
Plant a new one
Water it, with love, care and affection
Love like its a marvel fiction
Under the sheets, feel the heat, friction
You got my mind tethered
Like zero grazing, here no rotation
You got my mind rotating
My pen dripping
When will my pen be dipping

Feel my words
Let me fill your world
No money
But still I can make it as honey sweet
Don’t hesitate
We wont be broke for long
Broken hearts love too
Only broken legs cant run
So I am here chasing non but you
For see how hard for you am falling

I promise let me be your Romeo
Make your Juliette warm
Its cold outside here
Calling but non to hear
Not giving up
Levelling up my gear
Be my bear
Bad thoughts
Bring out the best ideas

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