Farhia’s beauty was out of this world,breathtaking she was.Her glimmering face, body geography and every smiling chemistry was enough to give any man biological nightmares due to hormonal imbalance with increased testosterone production . Her eyes were moist and almost blue, a perfect fit on her flawless face. Never in my ‘hunting’ career which were full of FISIological escapades had I seen such beauty.She was the kind you could catch a grenade for the way Bruno Mars puts it.

Her hips had just refused to stay within the bounds of her buibui .The little data I had gathered from her friends pointed out one thing, Farhia was an island no man had dared to explore. Winning her was suddenly a top priority a dream set to come true though I knew it would come with a hefty price. Tough luck.

Becky had noticed the sudden shift of attention,I had changed my coordinates, the paradigm had shifted tremendously her roommate was stealing the show. I had changed the goal from Becky to Farhia little did I know she was planning to change the entire game by putting into practice all her tactics to ensure that I didn’t find any time alone with Farhia whenever I came visiting.She had told Farhia how we had planned our future together as husband and wife in a bid to frustrate my shock and awe campaign to win Farhia’s heart. This is when I understood that where the devil couldn’t reach she sends a woman, that’s why Satan approached Adam through Eve. However, nothing was going to stand between me and the only girl I was destined to spend my earthly life with.

In campus having a girlfriend is normal, but winning the heart of a jewel like Farhia was something worth a Nobel Prize. On the other side having your girlfriend’s friend being more beautiful than her is both a temptation and trap. I was not spared from this bitter fact. I even didn’t know how I fell into it but found myself loving Farhia. It’s those things you can’t explain.

The fear of unknown is what disturbs men the most whenever they wish to shift from one girl to another. My friends told me that the path I had taken was a little tricky since Farhia like any other Muslim girl would not be so easy to handle. I could not imagine another string of cold lonely nights but if that is the price I had to pay to win Farhia I would pay double or triple.

After a week of consultation with my soul I resolved to commence the pursuit. On a Saturday evening when Becky had left for the Christian Union evangelistic team service, I ambushed Farhia in her room with a packet of smokies as usual, just trying out the surprise pranks I see in the films. I was sure she wouldn’t deny for Becky used to share with her whenever I brought them and I had noticed she loved them too. I arrived at a time that some of you would call inappropriate but I still think was the best. She was from shower and was dressing up. She struggled to cover herself everywhere but the worst had happened. Her struggles did not shock me for I knew her coverings would on a certain single night come off for yours truly.

Farhia requested me to excuse her so that she could dress. I placed my supporting documents,smokies on the table and as a good boy, felt sorry and stepped out. I walked around hostel K greeting my classmates just to pass time waiting for a phone call from Farhia since I had requested her to inform me when she would be through. I checked my phone and it was 8:30 PM. Time for Becky to come back was closing in fast. I was restless.

I could not understand why Farhia had delayed for that long.After five minutes I felt my handset vibrate. I definitely knew it was Farhia and started walking towards her room. I did not bother to pick. When the phone rang for the second time I resolved to pick and to my disappointment it was not Farhia. It was kioko. My roommate’s friend. Kioko had developed interest in Becky. He had met her during those campus picnics. Kioko was very sure Becky was my girlfriend and that I was still pursuing Farhia. I neglected his second call and the third one as well. I was not willing to let Becky go under any circumstance until the Farhia was a done deal beyond reasonable doubt.

I knocked Fazuls door waited patiently for the door to open. Suddenly, a text message popped up in my phone. It was Kioko’s. The message read “tonight Becky will know all you have been doing. You cannot torture my fellow Kamba and expect me to be silent about it.” To be continued…………………….

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