An aura of fear, gradually but most crucially runs through every Mombasa resident.It is not coming as news how often the marauding gangs have left a trail of terror along the way.  Wakali Kwanza, Wakali Wao, Wakware Babies, Mawayo,Chafu, Temeke and Wajukuu wa Bibi crews have been busy manhandling residents of Mombasa, with residents of Kisauni, Ganjoni, Kibokoni,Likoni,Mvita Bamburi and Bombolulu grappling with fear.

The sect majorly comprises of youthful boys aged between 14-27 years with the exception of Wakware Babies which is a female only crew. Majority are primary school and high school drop outs who were used and dumped by politicians after the 2017 general elections. With demand for cash to cushion their lifestyles increasing,extortion of public service vehicles and businesses wasn’t enough to finance their operations after handouts from politicians fizzled out thus they opted to crime.The older extremists offer tutelage to the young and naïve recruits before initiating them into the group with a machete as the trophy.

Machetes are their new pens and tools of trade after they abandoned education in a region where drug and substance abuse is the norm.With slogans such as  ‘Kuja Sasa’, come now popularly used by Wakali Kwanza crew who are responsible for numerous public stabbings  including harmless mothers and fellow young adults.

Crimes are normally orchestrated in the open without any fear of the existing authorities. The high level of insecurity in the aforementioned coastal regions offers somewhat of a hub for the Wakali Kwanza to perpertrate whatever they orchestrate best. This is a looming panacea that continues to lampoon.

Scared not of death? Well, yeah. The kids operate like persecutors – conforming staunchly to their mantra “The blood of a martyr is worth more than the ink of a scholar!” They engage in robbery with violence, violence only with no robbery or even extremism. View it as, they do as it pleases them or as it conforms to their drug disturbed mentality.

One scenario almost left the entire Coast region transfixed to the ground rather baffled. The armed to teeth boys used to suckle lactating mothers. Nasty right? Well, they would ambush you at wee hours of the darkness. You are probably sweating over your toddler son’s health. Just from the clinic since some queer cold couldn’t stop irritating your kid. You are heading back home past midnight and boom! You come across them.“Kuja Sasa! Jilete mwenyewe Jilete mwenyewe. Kuja wewe,” this isn’t whatever crap you would stomach with such stress load atop your head. They would ruthlessly take the baby from your back and one among them would hold it as the others casually suckle the lady.

The same gang was responsible for theft at a particular club in Pirates area. The bar and grill was to get officially opened that fateful Saturday. Woe unto those who couldn’t party without company of their mobile phones, tabs, laptops and other expensive
electronics. With terror being unleashed by the sect, the public had no alternative but to part with their belongings or gamble getting stubbed to death by the young lads.

It is so bewildering how free the boys left. Nobody really wants any confrontation with them. Extremely dangerous they are that they have forced some personal curfew on all residents of the coastal towns. Walk at night with some back up or at your own risk.

Jonathan alias Bowler is a close friend of mine. He is within the perilous walls of the gang. He should be somewhere behind bars for now. Serving a short term sentence after his first hearing was slated for Tuesday the 15th of May. The lad together with his friend Fayaz were apprehended from home where the former was outside the latter’s house, reminiscing, rolling weed and kicking his feet up!

Charges against Jonathan were purely on bhang possession. Fayaz was the wanted guy, with several knife stabbing cases under his belt in Majengo-King’orani area. The guy seemingly managed to escape police custody and is on the run after a sweeping task outside the Bamburi police station saw him rake up his head for ideas. He did manage to
escape and currently is on the run. Police have gunned down some suspected members of the gangs making them to take cover, their reemergence is unavoidable with many underlying factors remaining unresolved.As long as drug is being peddled, drop outs being common, rampant unemployment and abject poverty being the order of the day they will be back with a bang. They will graduate from petty crimes to major crimes like kidnapping tourists visiting the coastal town creating an international debacle.

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