UASU secretary General Constantine Wesonga on Tuesday morning insisted that the university lecturers will not go back to work until the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed and agreed upon.
While holding a press conference on Wednesday, UASU officials said that the government has failed to give them a counter offer.
“Our CBA is quite explicit, dons want 40 billion Shillings. What we can negotiate is how the 40 billion shillings will be negotiated, not 2 billion or any other figure,” UASU sec-gen Wesonga said.
They also said that the dons are receiving threats so as to go back to work.
UASU also put Technical University of Mombasa lecturers on notice and told them the strike will benefit them more and so they should join the strike.
Wesonga also in his statement condemned police brutality against the striking lecturers with reference to Kenyatta University.
“We condemn police brutality on our campuses. We are outraged by the acts of brutal police oppression going on in our campuses,” he said.
Students were advised to stay out of school and not to allow the school management to use them against the lecturers.
The lecturers have requested for a counter offer of the 2017-2021 CBA in which they want to know how the 40 billion they are requesting for will be implemented.

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