Kenyan Telecommunication giant is an egocentric giant that steals young developers’ ideas and make them their own.
Just to start with, the telecommunication company has taken ideas from OLX and Jumia to come up with Masoko. It also went ahead to introduce Little Cab that cannot perfectly compete with Taxify and Uber.
As if that is not enough, they went ahead to introduce Songa music up after the Royal Media launched their Viusasa app.
Apparently, it is about to launch a smartwatch Fitness Tool for Marathoners. The idea of the project was stolen from young developers group from Eldoret called Apps: Lab.

Apps: Lab is a group of young developers most from Moi University and they own the prototype. Apps: Lab had shared they prototype with different people for support but never with the telco. Unfortunately, the giants have stepped on them since it has the money and ready customers.

Many of its customers are always complaining of how fast the telco consumes their data bundles and maybe, the NRM had noticed something when they asked Kenyans to boycott their products.
In conclusion, the company is killing young developer and suppressing other developers through unhealthy competition and it is high time we stand up and condemn it.
By Stevehechio.

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