I sit on the peaks, of the highest mountains around

Looking around, seeking that which was deprived of me

Back in the years of solitude transformation…

How I wish I turn and see it, just a single sight for a smile.

It never is, clear enough for my slurred and blurred vision-

No, I just can’t see; but do you know why that is so?

Well, I once was told that what I seek;

Was laid down, six feet under the place my feet trod,

Oh! No, how am I ever going to make it there?

To the home of ghosts, to seek that which was deprived of me.

I’m sacred, but scared of what might befall me there

Though still I want to go, and claim that which is mine.

But my birth mother just said, that I shouldn’t go there,

Because I won’t ever find my way back, that scares me off.

You were the king, yes; of the place I call my home,

And it used to be, the happiest place of my lifetime;

Well, just until you deserted it and joined the ghost family..

But how could you father, in moments of utmost need?


Almost half a decade now, but it’s like yesterday to me,

I can’t keep it off my mind and that’s why am so tempted-

Yes, to come after you; get you out of the ghost family,

But am told it’s dangerous, and I want to come back to mama.

The eeriness you left, still scares my most trusted guts

I want to find my way into the ghost family, just to find you-

And yes, bring you back home to mama with me

Because she misses you, I know that, though she’s well.

There’s only one thing, that’s keeping me from coming

To the dreadful habitat, of the ghost family…

I know I can find my way into it, and to you especially;

But can I ever find my way back to mama with you?


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