Smile along, first rule of the game.

Breaking promises, her trend,

Broken hearts, her achievement.

“Done being the victim,” her daily motto.

A heart once broken, dreams forever shattered,

Despise, her unfathomable punishment,

Pain her daily baggage, happiness her greatest desire.

Bittersweet, her lifetime’s blessed curse.

Nothing’s new today, target’s locked,

Dressed up for the day, all is set.

Driving off in a Lambo from her past,

Guilt is nowhere near her world.

Visionless mission of the speaking silence,

Robbed innocence, vengeance her sweet language,

Peace she claims, with her conscience at war,

Okay to share, therapy lessons with doctor’s labels.

Shattered pieces, her regime,

Consistent paybacks, for a night gone wrong.

Game’s boring, different victims no fun today,

Today’s the last day, her five year anthem.

Locked emotions freed, reality’s quick to jump in.

Lives destroyed, families torn, conscience checking in.

Lost friends, rejected by all, insanity embraced.

Motivations dispersed, prayer embraced, raincheck considered.


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