Paper makes me happy. The knowledge that I posses a place to write on at any given time makes me feel safe and free. It gives me this feeling like none of my ideas will be forgotten because once I write them down they are concrete. It is the companion who lets you pour your heart out patiently. Annie Frank implanted this idea in my head when she said paper is more patient than man in ‘The Diary of a Young Girl. ‘ I have an affinity to notebooks. I find myself buying more even when all the ones I have are not filled. Any random thought or quote I come across goes into the notebook. Sometimes Little notes to self, sometimes incomplete sketches.

In December last year, while shopping for Christmas presents with my sister I found a tiny notebook. It is blue and the edges are multicolored. It fits perfectly in my palm making me feel like I am holding a little rainbow. It goes everywhere I go.

One morning I took it with me to devotion. It was in an open area and the winds that morning were cold. The pastor spoke in low tones. The kind that get right through to your soul and make you reflect on all you have done leading to that point. He was speaking of The parable of the three servants in the Gospel of Mathew. He told the story of how their master gave each servant different amounts of talents and left for a while. How he gave them all different amounts of talent according to their abilities.

One statement that stuck with me, the only statement I wrote down in my beautiful blue book that day is:
God gives you talents freely, According to your Ability.

This statement stuck with me mostly because of the second part. We have already been equipped with Ability. Our Father, all knowing as he is, knows what our abilities are. He therefore lets only that which we can handle come our way. Basically we already have all we need to succeed. If you think about it it seems unreal, but if it is written then it must be true.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the things we have to do. We doubt whether we can really juggle many different things. Sometimes we want to do more than we are already doing but however we look at it we don’t see how we could possibly manage. Turns out we are able. Able to do all that we aspire to do. If only we could leave our insecurities behind, and when we feel like we are stretching ourselves thin remember we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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  1. Daniel Njuguna

    March 7, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Your notebook looks like Mine. Is there a connection


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