You are my drug, overdose or underdose,
Does not change a thing,
I just need you every second of day,
For you my love, will be the death of me.
Selfish, I am of you, addicted, I am to you,
Desire, I do you, happy, I am with you.
Insanity levels on the rise, that’s me without you,
Obsessed, wild and vicious, only you can save me.
I know I’ll hurt you, but that’s just me needing you.
I’m falling hard, and I know you’ll catch me,
Just this once love, let me,
Only then will I wake, and pain will I take from you.
Yours I am, but so are you mine,
I see me in you, though the sane version,
I’ll be good, though I can’t promise that love,
With you engraved in me, insanity is overrated.

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