The times have changed and so have our interactions with one another as homeland millennial. Thanks to the power of social networking ; which has greatly revolutionized our ways of interactions. We’ve become a global village through links and sites and we’re able to get sources of information form different parts of the world.Globally, its estimated that one billion people have a registered account with Facebook, which becomes the largest social networking the most number of subscribers and active users, according to a recent statistics conducted by the

Undoubtedly , we can’t ignore the fact that  a number of these mushrooming  sites have lost touch, their agenda and purpose greatly mistaken by many.A good example is that took the nation by storm late last year, the site was intended to initiate genuine but anonymous communication in an organisations among workmates- where they could express their opinions without fear or intimidation. However ,the goal of the social site was totally deprived and misunderstood by many.Instead it became a source of ridicule, impersonation and cyber bullying the users.
Everyone everywhere is  on social media for reasons best known to them.Social media is a powerful tool; A blessing in disguise for some reasons. We’ve lost touch as human beings and people can longer interact in the humane way. Etiquette and inter personal skills have by far been dumped to unknown land. Unlike the cats which have nine lives , a number of social media users tend to  have more than nine totally polarized lives ,from their realities, faking till they make it to for the sake of their cliques.Its only in social media that people have flawless complexion  and high end kind of lifestyles, something which is out of the normal for a contemporary society. We’ve adapted ourselves to sieving any insecurities in the name of perfection.
It’s been eight years since I joined the site, and for me its because of  the likes and massive number of followers, one Ian connivingly told me . Due to peer pressure and out of curiosity I yearned to join the sites and fill my thirst as a youth, and hey! it’s 2018 and the whole world is on social media, Mary blushingly told me. These are some of the reasons given by a number of youths I interacted with.
If you don’t take control of your life on social media, then it will totally take control of you. Seemingly , social media has taken control of a number of youth. It’s addictive and It’s influential. Depending on your reasons and motives of being in such sites.A number of people earn a living from social sites through content marketing and branding , talk of Xtian Dela. It’s also  a platform that if well utilized you can acquire resourceful information as a youth. Cease and desist from being social maniacs and being directed by the ills and misfortunes that comes with some the social sites.


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