Each morning I look at the sun and tell it how much I love you. I tell it to protect you wherever you are because it is the only one who knows the distance between us. So when you see the sun shining gorgeously above you, Know that it brings you a message from me.

During the nights I sit alone outside and stare at the stars; wondering if you are doing the same. My heart explodes with joy knowing that our nights are enlightened by the same moon. I just wish I could fly to the sky at night to see how beautiful you are while sleeping.
I know your beauty is worth the patience. I know your love is worth the struggle. That’s why I fight to see another day. It’s good to know that with each passing day, the closer i come to meeting you. But until that day, when we will meet and never part, stay safe wherever you are.


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  1. Neckos

    January 16, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Goodwork bro


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