Life ni exam in Kenya,
Ili kupenya,
Unahitaji mwakenya.
And madem itabidi mkue stronger than Semenya,
Or else mtagenya.
Mnashinda mki riot about sijui ni gender parity ama equity.
Na hata nyinyi mnajua in Kenya that’s stupidity.
Honestly hamwoni kuna scarsity
Of validity, ability
And fertility
Of Ur dream ku-turn into reality.
And am sorry sana to u diva wa university,
Mwenye uliuzia sponsor ur purity and virginity,
Koz truth is ana ku-view ka liability.
I was told life is not a straight line,
Of course maisha haiwezi kua fine,
In a country where bishops wana-take wine,
Hku ma-nuns waki-bubble na ku-whine.
Leaders nao wako busy wana-sign,
Contracts zenye zta-define,
This country’s economic failure and put it’s future on the line.
Am very patriotic.
And am not trying to be sarcastic,
Am just being artistic,
Because corruption and electoral seduction have made me sick.
In primary school,
Nlikua chopi and not a fool,
I was hoping to make education my tool.
Nilisoma physics,
Hoping one day nita-fix things.
Nli-get so many ticks,
Kwa mathematics.
Though nlikua na E,
Kwa C.R.E.
Kiswahili & English were my best duo,
Ata kam nlikua na-speak Eng-Luo.
Unfortunately zile straight As,
Nlipata hazija ni-take any place,
Koz job interview wanani-judge by tribe, face and dress,
And not what’s in my brains.
Somebody tell Matiang’i,
Sitaiba mtihani.
But kuna exam sitaingia free,
That’s EXAM YA LIFE especially practical part paper three.


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