Dear Wachiye Joseph Walukela.
Hey Dad
Three years. Three damn years. Can you even believe it? I don?t know why Three feels so much more significant than two. Maybe it?s because in another three years you will have been gone as long as you were with me. Time is bizarre like that.

The day you died somehow simultaneously feels like a completely different lifetime, and also just yesterday
My love for you has no expiration date.
And neither does my missing you. I find you in my happiest moments, a bittersweetness that you aren?t here to witness them. I find you in my worst moments, when I?m not proud of who I am. Or when I think of throwing in the towel. I find you there, too
There?s no way to eloquently end this. I could try and try, but nothing I write will ever do you justice.
Just know, I miss you all the time. And that?s why I bring you with me. That?s why I?ll never let you go.

Your Son
Wachiye Brian

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