wp_ss_20170720_0004A LETTER TO MY LOVE BY Brian Sikulu. ❤❤❤❤
Love does not have laws. You are free to love ❤ whoever you want. As long as you call me ‘Beiby’;, my heart will always be at peace. Touch the softspot of my heart, because you are the only one who knows where it is. And do it slowly, I want to enjoy each single second of it.
There are times when I wish God had brought you earlier. You are the only one  who knows how to massage the pain away. But now that you are here, I’ll make sure you remain here for the rest of my life.
Honey😍😍, come and sit next to my heart. Let it walk 🚶​​🚶​​🚶​​ with you wherever you go. Kill all my doubts. Hold my hand 🤝🤝 like you always do and lets run into our dreamland.
I dont want to look back anymore. The heartbreaks are now over. There are many who wasted my time. If only you had come earlier, you would have saved me from them.
Let the moon and stars 🌙🌙✨✨ be our witnesses. Let them see how you hold my waist tightly and kiss me in the beautiful night.
In all the possible languages in this world, ” I LOVE YOU BEIBY”.

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