wp_ss_20170720_0002A lETTER TO MY EX( PART 2)
DIAMOND’S I MISS YOU ENGLISH VERSION By  Brian Sikulu (This is my story)💔💔💔💔💔
Can you hear me..?
I’ve got something to tell you…
Please don’t hang up on me….😤😤😤😤😤
See, I even forget to greet you…
How are you..???🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝
I’ve missed you so much today ?
My mother and I have been thinking of you a lot.
How is your home, husband and children?
And how is aunty Shani of Chimwaga?
The wound you left in my heart ♥ is still agonizing me.💔💔💔💔😭
The more I’m trying to stay strong, the more am breaking down.
I cant even sleep, still waiting for the miracle..
That will one day cure my pain..
Because I miss you….
I’m thinking 😔 about you all the time..
I really do miss you…
The problem is I still don’t understand what I did wrong
To make you suddenly hate me.
I’m wondering if the problem is that I have no money 💵.
It might be because I did not fulfil my promises.
And you didn’t want to wait anymore…
I said I’d bring home meat 🍖 but ended up bringing sukuma wiki.
Tea 🍵 for lunch and ugali for supper yet you wanted pizza 🍕 and fried chicken.
I really wish 🌠 we had a better life, but I could afford it.
If I could, I would have fulfilled all your needs.
As long as you are happy, I’ll endure the pain in going through.
But at least tell me me, do you even think of me the way I think of you.
Do you have those moments when your mind wanders off to another world where its just you and me.
At night 🌃 I dream of kissing 💋 you only to wake and find my cat 🐱 licking my lips.
But as long as you are happy 😊 , I’ll endure the pain.

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