no-pain-no-gainEvery day you cry for an opportunity. You cry for a chance to prove yourself; to show the world what is in you that is not in others; to give the entire universe a reason why it should respect and bow down to you. You yearn so much for that single moment that will earn you not just money but also success.
Yes. I completely agree with you. You are extremely special and deserve the chance. I mean, look at you; you’ve got everything it takes. You are talented, intelligent, gorgeous and in every way unique. The fact that you are still reading this article proves it all. Not everybody has your caliber of patience and curiosity.
But wait a minute. There are a million other marvelous people crying for the same opportunity. They work day and night just so that they’ll one day have that chance. They do whatever they can in the best way possible all in the name of that opportunity. Question is, what extra thing are you doing that makes you extra-ordinary? You should always go an extra mile. When others sit, stand, when they stand, stand out, when they stand out, be outstanding.
The simple rule of no pain, no gain is universal. It applies to everyone. Even the almighty God had to endure the pain of his son’s crucifixion for Christians to gain salvation. Nelson Mandela had to deal with the pain of the jail for the South Africans to gain independence. And just in case you thought Winfrey Oprah rose to the TV queen  she is over night, then you are wrong. She had to persevere the pain of interview failures and chauvinism in the male dominated industry. Above all, she had to deal with the pain of patience. Working so hard without any positive result but hoping one day things will be better.
For you to actualize your dream, you have to stop dreaming/sleeping and wake up before you die in your slumber. You have to stop crying before you drown in your tears, because life without a dream is a tragedy. I wish you the best of luck in the journey to conquer your dream.

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