Radio presenter decided to take the Kenyan youths to school on how to kiss. This is what she wrote on her Instagram; “Today I want us to talk about The power of being specific in other words also called the KISS principle.
Mwende I want you to help me…this is a question I come across a zillion times all over the place and as an understanding human being my first reaction usually is how exactly do you want me to help you?
And that’s where the problem begins because I have come to know not so many people are actually able to articulate what they want.
First, if you haven’t figured out what you want the person you want help from will not be able to help you.
Secondly be prepared with details. The pertinent details and what’s regarded not important.
Thirdly, Say exactly what you want and see how the world responds. You may not always get a YES but remember It’s not in your power to gauge how or what the response will be. However, you will save yourself and everyone a lot of time and most likely find help if you are specific.
Don’t generalize please stuff.
It’s a job you want ask for it, if it’s a relationship you want go ahead be specific, it’s money you want hit the nail on the head and say how much it is.
Bottom line don’t beat about the bush, speak out .
Just KISS-Keep It short and Specific.”
With this,I think TSC should consider employing her as a life skills teacher.mwende-macharia

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